“GiftingLife Launches Marketing Affiliate Program For Individuals”

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Are you the kind of person who loves actively engaging on social media platforms, or the one that they call a social media influencer? One that loves posting stuff, sharing stories, actively tweeting, blogging, vlogging, creating memes, engaging with followers and etc.? How about I tell you that you can earn while still doing the things you love? Isn’t that great?! Well, Giftinglife have just the right program for you.

Giftinglife acknowledges that we are now facing the so called “New Normal” way of life that was brought about by the covid19 pandemic situation. Many Filipinos lost their jobs or businesses and some are having a hard time making ends meet. But despite these uncertainties, “New Normal” also gives us new opportunities on our doorstep, especially for social media lovers or influencers. Some of these opportunities are: cheaper and more accessible internet data, increase of internet service providers in the market, ability to work/study from home, booming trend of online selling and buying, and many more, thus leading us into a broadened social media market.

We at Giftinglife saw these opportunities and found a way for you to convert them into money! This is through the Giftinglife’s Marketing Affiliate Program or MAP.

Here are the things that you need to know about the Marketing Affiliate Program (MAP) of GiftingLife:

GL Marketing Affiliate
GL Marketing Affiliate 2
GL Marketing Affiliate 3

Now that you know about Giftinglife’s program, all that is left for you to do is to sign-up and join!
Don’t waste your time just posting, engaging and scrolling on social media, earn money while doing it and turn uncertainties into opportunities!

For inquiries you can call us at: +63 917 525 1189 (Globe) or 0961 580 9892 (Smart), or you can email us at [email protected].